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Mu Xi Jiang

Mu Xi Jiang is a junior guitar instructor at Forte Music Studio who has been playing guitar since the age of six and reached level 8 at the age of ten. Mu Xi also plays other instruments outside of guitar from the traditional Chinese bamboo flute to the western flute even making EDM music and operating DJ decks, he is also a member of the Calgary Chinese Orchestra since 2019. As an instructor, Mu Xi is friendly, encouraging, and responsible, creating a comfortable environment for students to learn and grow while having a great passion on delivering knowledge to others. Additionally, Mu Xi is a grade 10 student at North Trail High School. Beyond music and academics, Mu Xi finds joy in freestyle skiing and playing badminton. These hobbies not only provide him with physical activity and recreation but also contribute to his well-rounded perspective on life. Mu Xi recognizes the importance of pursuing diverse interests and believes that engaging in different activities helps nurture creativity, adaptability, and a balanced approach to life. He understands that learning an instrument should be an engaging and rewarding experience, and he strives to make each lesson a memorable and enriching journey for their students.

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