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Matt Bryce

Matt a devoted pianist with a deep-rooted love for jazz, currently navigating his third year at Berklee College of Music. However, Matt's musical journey is just one facet of his life. By day, he channels his artistry as a full-time hairstylist, and in his spare moments, he shares the joy of dance as a part-time instructor.


With six years of teaching experience, Matt's portfolio extends beyond the piano keys. He's had the privilege of serving as a composer for many dance projects as well as having experience as an on-site composer for dance company, Lamon in Vancouver, BC.  He is also beginning to lend his skillset to the world of film as a freelance composer.


His lessons are rooted in fostering a profound understanding of music. Composition and improvisation take precedence, empowering students to forge a deeper connection with the skeleton of the art form, rather than adhering to rigid memorization.


Matt is dedicated to adapting his instruction to each student's unique needs, ensuring a meaningful, student-centric learning experience. His goal is to equip students with skills that transcend the piano, enabling them to express their musical talents with creativity and practicality.  


Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Matt extends his musical reach through online lessons making the world of music accessible to students with learning styles better fit for virtual education.  Embark on the musical journey with Matt, and you'll discover a humble and dedicated guide who celebrates the importance of creativity and the sheer joy of making music!

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