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Matt Bryce

Matt Bryce began playing piano at the ripe age of four. Throughout his ten years of lessons with Kate Semyonova in British Columbia, he not only learned how to play, but also showed a keen interest in composition. At the young age of thirteen, he and his twin sister were both prestigiously accepted into Alberta Ballet School's Professional Division, bringing him and his family to Calgary. He is the president of student council and was named the Ambassador of the Alberta Ballet School for showing great leadership.


Matt is very passionate about composing and will be doing his bachelor's at Berklee College of Music for film and tv composition. Additionally, he's currently training for a future career in ballet. He has been hired as a composer for Lamon Dance Company in Vancouver, where his music will be utilized on stage. His compositions currently range from classical to contemporary. He has also developed a talent for music improvisation, and has used that gift to help accompany classes in the Alberta Ballet open division.


Matt has been teaching privately for five years and he is very excited to start working with us at Forte Music Studio. He enjoys all kinds of music; from classical to Disney to rock, newer pop music, and also blues and jazz. he loves to teach all ages, and has developed his own way of teaching composition and/or improvisation if you're interested!

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