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Emma Forrester

Emma Forrester began her classical piano training at the age of 5. Under the tutelage of Sonia Poon, she has successfully completed upper-level RCM exams and is currently working towards completing her grade 10 RCM. Over the past 16 years, Emma has had the opportunity to perform in numerous recitals and participate in multiple festivals. She is currently completing her Honours Bachelor of Science at the University of Calgary and plans to attend medical school after her graduation this spring. Beyond her love for music, she has a passion for figure skating. Emma has been a competitive figure skater since the age of 7 and has over 6 years of skating coach experience. In her free time, she also enjoys playing tennis and reading! Emma believes that learning an instrument is an invaluable ability that can help develop many life-long skills. Her goal as an instructor is inspire student to have a lasting love for music!

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