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September 7th, 2021


We hope you've had a smooth transition back to school so far, we can't wait to see you all :)


Due to recent numbers and updated restrictions, we have decided to re-implement many of the Covid precautions we were taking before the summer.  Please respect that this decision is for everyone's health and safety and that we will continue to check in with AHS and stay current and careful.



For your peace of mind, we wanted to remind you that all of our teachers have been double vaccinated since the beginning of summer.


Please be sure you are fulfilling the following:

  • Mandatory masking for all students, teachers, and accompanying family members 

  • To minimize the number of people inside… please wait outside or in your car if your child is comfortable going in for lessons independently.  We realize they might want you to accompany them for the first few weeks.

  • COVID Checklist - Please make sure this is completed the day of your lesson. Available on the website main page OR scan the QR code on the door upon arrival.    

  • Touch-less sanitizer upon entry and exit of the studio.

  • Please ensure your child washes their hands thoroughly after using the bathroom.


***Voice students: please speak directly with your voice teacher about COVID restriction details at your first lesson***



What We Are Doing:


  • UV wands on all high-touch surfaces between each lesson, and sanitized each night.

  • Medical-grade air purifiers in each studio.

  • Distancing whenever possible.


Stay tuned for an update regarding COVID-19 measures at the end of the month.  

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.





Forte Music Studio

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