Shirley Nham

Shirley Nham began her classical training at the age of 6 years old under Dan Morin and then Sonia Poon for the majority of her years. During this time, she completed the requirements in the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations up to level 10 Piano and the ARCT in Elementary Piano Pedagogy. She has also performed in local competitions and piano festivals.  Shirley continues to develop herself as a pianist and teacher as she pursues an ARCT in Intermediate Piano Pedagogy and Piano Performance under the tutelage of Derek Chiu. She is also working towards a BA in Music from the University of Calgary. Shirley's teaching philosophy is to distill passion in musicians of all ages and levels while helping them effectively develop proficiency and musicality at their instrument. With her student’s goals in mind, she is currently helping her students prepare for RCM examinations as well as students who like to learn for the pure enjoyment of music.