Brett started playing the piano at the age of eight and switched to guitar just a few years

         later. In the 5th grade, Brett learned to play percussion in the school band and also took

         lessons with a resident percussionist of the Calgary philharmonic Mike Schuette. He was

         active in the jazz band through junior high, leading to him winning the most promising

         jazz student of his graduating year. During high school, Brett answered an ad looking for

         a drummer and met a band that lasted three years. At this point, he was influenced by The

         Who and Mitch Mitchell of the Jimmy Hendrix experience. Brett has been teaching

         percussion since 2008. In 2009  he pursued post-secondary music and was part of the

         blues ensemble and the recording ensemble. As well, Brett was involved creatively in a

         folk/singer-songwriter project, writing and recording his own tracks, vocals and guitar.

         Much of his real-life experience is in rock, indy, and funk but he still gets out to blues jams

         and keeps the jazz fresh. He recently bought a tenor recorder and looks forward to also            

         teaching basic recording once that's mastered! Brett recently got his white belt in Kung Fu

         and is working on the next level. He grows chives, green beans and zucchini in his window


Brett Pugh